Ranch Zen Equus,  a charitable organization with a compassionate Board of Directors is working hard every day to bring the powerful therapeutic modality that is receiving ongoing critical acclaim both in North America and on a global scale as a means of overcoming mental illness.

Ending the stigma of mental illness begins with acknowledging that as humanity evolves, it is our social responsibility to take measures in alleviating today's societal pressures as inflicted on ourselves, our family, friends and colleagues.

Through Equine Assisted approaches, science is undergoing a break-through in eliminating debilitating mindsets. In that, we are taking progressive measures to deliver tailored Programs for all our clients engaged in the oldest and most successful form of education - Experiential Learning (learning by doing).

Equine Assisted Learning awakens individuals to their inherent strengths that may have laid dormant due to the negative over-stimulation caused by trauma, maladaptive behaviours and nature-nurture consequences.

Equine Assisted Wellness is designed to facilitate on-going personal growth by teaching  how to cultivate a willingness to communicate better, appreciate others through patience, respect and empathy, and above all, adopt a positive outlook in the face of adversity. 

As a result, a paradigm shift occurs within the mind and body, strengthening coping skills and a better understanding and processing of external realities. 

This is the nature of Horse Power Healing.