Ranch Zen Equus is a charitable organization with a compassionate Board of Directors who are working hard to help bring about change through the clinically-proven and powerful therapeutic modality of Equine Assisted Learning.

Our focus is to address both the mental illness epidemic and help end the associated stigma. We are achieving this through energetic marketing and building awareness while connecting with individuals who understand the importance of mental health, especially through Equine-Assisted activities.

Our Programs involve individual intakes to help us gain a deeper understanding of our clients needs. This entails putting their personal strengths and risk factors in perspective. It also means assigning the right horses per individual to ensure meeting objectives to reach specific goals.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)

The basis of EAL is learning how to learn. The programs are structured to incite each participant to recognize the limitations of their comfort zones and how to expand them. This is important based on the fact that all learning occurs outside our comfort zone. Equally important is in acknowledging that all behaviour is emotion-based.

If you want to self-actualize, follow our bliss.

We all have the potential to become the best we can. Often time, we create obstacles we convince ourselves we cannot overcome. EAL helps put an end to these maladaptive behaviours. And when we are shown the path to self-actualization, the end result is irrefutable positive change.

Our mission is to provide education into the self and empower participants with insight and know-how of how to become the best they can be.