frequently asked questions

Service Style


EAL is working with horse(s) on the ground. There is no riding involved.

Your safety is paramount and on-site training is made available on an on-going basis.

Intake will allow us to tailor each session to address personal needs.

How will I know it works


At arrival, everyone is in a specific frame of mind, be it fear, anxiety, anticipation or high expectation.

As the session progresses, observation and self-reflection define how the initial mindset upon arrival has shifted.

Perspective changes as personal growth occurs.

What if it doesn't work


In each of us, there is a willingness for change. To what degree becomes quickly apparent with each stride taken when working with horses.

If personal intention is driven for positive change, a shift in perspective will occur.

If the individual is not ready for change, then it will not work.

I need EAL but cannot pay


Zen Equus Ranch is a charitable organization appealing to the community, to philanthropic organizations and corporate sponsors for financial assistance in order to subsidize individuals in need of EAL.

I have no transportation


Through the help of volunteer drivers and/or paid transportation services, Zen Equus Ranch will take all measures to ensure your safe arrival at Iron Horse Farm.

No. of sessions required


For any therapeutic approach to work, the minimum is 21 sessions. This number has been clinically proven to provide therapeutic effect. It is however contingent on the level of rehabilitation required.