Equine Assisted Therapy

Be it children or adults, the emphasis is on growth and personal development. Through experiential learning in a fun, relaxing and educational environment, participants gain renewed perspectives about their lives and learn the best possible ways in managing their coping, communication and social reciprocity skills as it relates to their psychological symptoms and emotional problems or as a means of substance abuse treatment.

Facing mental illness and its many attributes such as feeling isolation, hopelessness, depression and a genuine desire to heal, through Equine Assisted Learning and Wellness, you will notice a sense of heightened sociability, elimination of feeling the isolation, hope and trust increase and a need to help others surfaces.

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Client Groups



Corporation Employees


Our Youth programs take into consideration the challenges children and adolescents face today.

Whether it is mental illness, behavioral issues, emotional problems, anxiety, victims of bullying, learning disabilities or emotional obstacles, Equine Assisted Learning facilitate youth in acquiring the necessary cognition skills to facilitate self-regulation, communicate effectively, resolve conflict, become a team player and learn how to self-advocate.

The EAL program is fun for children and teens as both are attracted to the adventure associated with horses. These large, magnificent yet gentle horses bring out the wisdom, strength and compassion that the younger generation is often underestimated for.

Youth engaged in EAL will grow dramatically because the modality, including all its challenging activities works.



Corporation Employees


Our adult programs are designed to address complex issues that may have caused difficulty in being proactive and enjoying life. Issues that are common to mental illness are depression, anxiety, emotional problems, Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and a life perspective that has become overwhelmingly negative.

Equine Assisted Learning facilitates in unraveling debilitating mindsets through  horse-related activities that challenge unproductive habitual thinking patterns and present solutions that may not have been apparent when working towards increasing quality of life.

Veterans of War, and First Responders find the EAL approach therapeutic in overcoming PTSD as inflicted upon them during line of duty.

Individuals with addiction problems (drugs, alcohol, gambling) will find the unique approach as a beneficial treatment modality.


Corporation Employees

Corporation Employees

Corporation Employees

The daily stresses of a corporate environment can result in various degrees of burn-out, with symptoms of lowered productivity, diminished social reciprocity, dread of going into work, taking up sick days and an overwhelming feeling of disconnection from the self. This manifests is lack of self-care which results in illness, both physical and mental.

Our Equine Assisted Program addresses problematic personal issues that have compounded over years of working in an office environment.  The program places emphasis on self-reflection and adds value through activities that engage colleagues to work through activity challenges in a team-driven environment.

The result is a paradigm shift by learning concise communication skills, effective leadership traits, demonstrating empathy and cooperation towards others and most of all, adopting a mindset that encourages personal growth through adult developmental milestones.