Counseling and Therapy Service for Individuals and Support Groups



When life has become too difficult to manage by yourself, private counseling sessions are instrumental in helping Clients reshape their thinking, re-frame their negative experiences and gain control of their emotions.

Over a succession of sessions, Clients gain a better understanding of strengths and weakness, formulate objectives to reach the desired goal of well-being, and gain the confidence and self-esteem required to become better communicators in self-advocacy, social reciprocity as a means to inner peace.

Because your mental wellness journey is just as important as achieving a balanced and happy life, our mental health counselors provide therapy that is best suited to each individual's personal needs.



Through facilitation by a mental health counselor, Group discussion therapy sessions provide new insights for participants as they listen, express and learn new methods of coping as it relates to personal life circumstances.

The Group environment is non-judgmental, supportive, compassionate and empathetic.

Meditation is an added feature during Group sessions as it facilitates relaxation which results in openness and clarity.

Group session discussions are designed allow freedom of expression by all Clients.



We are here for anyone needing a Consulting Hypnotherapist for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, cognition difficulties, Post-traumatic stress disorder, behavioural problems and emotional blocks. Our mental health services make a positive difference in people's lives.

The system of rehabilitation is structured, and will be custom designed to meet your personal needs.

During intake, we discuss all that you feel you need to work through to become the best you can be.

The emphasis is on achieving self-actualization (living to your full potential) by  overcoming your weaknesses, discovering your strengths and pursuing them.